Why Reading Book is More Important Than Anything in The World ?

Ayan Sakib
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Reading Book can change your life

Why Reading Book is More Important ? Because book can change our mind. Book can make us more intelligent. Thats why reading book is important. Reading book is like an art. Whenever you read a book you will go deeper and deeper into the story or context in this book. However other things like movie, and cinema is like a picture can not help to grow mentally. You can compare a person who reads a book to an art . A picture will stay solid, but nothing will happen. But art is not solid. You can go deeper and more deeper when you watch an art. You will think about the art and how the artist has created the art. That is the main difference between reading books and watching something like a movie or cinema

Reading books will help us to grow mentally. Our mind is always trying to survive in different situations but if we don’t practice to survive then we cannot define various situation and cannot solve it. However, the mind practice comes to share to help us grow more strong mentality person. And the best mind practice or mental exercise is reading books. 

Why Reading Books is More Important?

For the thousand years people are reading books. But reading books it’s not for show or entertainment only but reading books also helps us to grow strong mentality person. When a writer writes a book that means a writer thing about various surrounding nature. The mentality of a writer not just write a book but create a masterpiece for the world. That’s why a writer gives everything for writing a book. When a person read this book then the person will think through the writer.  It’s a very common thing to see others thought and you can also think hot other people are thinking. And it will be possible only if you read books. 

Reading Book Can Change The World :

A person will be a great leader when he reaches various kinds of books and gain knowledge about the books. And a great leader will be a great writer because a leader not just only read various kind of books, but also gains knowledge of various kind of things in the worlds or in the fantasy world. When a leader rights a book then he will be a great communicator. Because when you communicate with people you will be able to think about how others react in various kinds of situations. A great communicator makes other people happy and he makes a valuable person in society. That’s why when a writer is valuable then he makes the society itself valuable. That’s the main reason a great leader and great writer is the most valuable person in society. 

In the research, a person or a man watch TV 2 hours a day. Aur a human was a movie in a day. But rather than washing movies, he can read a book that will help him to grow mentally strong. But that’s not the problem. The problem here when this man said that he doesn’t have many times to read books but he has time to watch TV or watch a movie. Because the human mind will not grow just to watch something. The human mind will grow just by thinking something and going deeper and deeper into a story. 

Some people in this world cannot live without reading a book. A book lover does crazy things for reading books. Sometimes a book reader wants a place. That’s why he creates his own room or he creates his surrounding area more peacefully. A leader can read books anywhere in the world he creates his own space for reading books. 

Benefits of reading books: 

1. Improve memory: whenever you read a book you have to remember where the history goes for what will the writer says. To remember that you have to practice your brain to remember various things that you will read. It’s the best practice to increase your memory by reading books. 

2. Concentration and focus: a good book reader always focuses on what writer says and he will think what the writer thinks. However, it’s neat super focus and concentration for a reader to think carefully about where the history begins and what will the context of the book. 

3. Reduce stress level: reading a book is not just for fun it will reduce your stress and increase your memory level and also increase your thinking about the world and about sounding people like your family and other things.

4. Problem-solving skills: a book will help you grow mentally and the book will help you grow actively. Whenever you think of a book you can think of the problems in the various character of this book and you can think about how the character solves these problems. In books, the problem can be more and more complex. But in real life, we also have problems that can be similar to the book problem. You can solve the problem easily when you think about the character of the book who solves the problems.

 5. Knowledge: imagine you are reading a historical book that will happen 200 years ago or 1000 years ago. Do you know how many people read the story? You can verify by asking your friends and your sounding people but I think only you can do better by reading the historical book. It is a part of gaining knowledge for something that no one will know. That’s the main reason a good reader has various kind of knowledge. 

6. Writing skills: for reading books you can gain knowledge and when you can gain knowledge you can write about it. You can explain the knowledge more frequently and more simply. 

There are also many benefits of reading a book. You can sleep well when you read a book because reading a book will help you become a stress-free human. There are some other benefits like you can convert any kind of people and you can talk to them like grown Up man talks. You can share your skill to improve them and share your knowledge to help others with various kinds of problems. 

Want to start reading a book? 

1. For the first time you can choose a book that you are interested in. If you an interested in mystery then you can choose some kind of mystery book that you can enjoy reading. 

2. Reading needs a quiet place. Because when you read something more carefully then you need to focus on the book and to focus on the book you need a quiet and peaceful place. 

3. You can set a daily timer for reading books. You can set 30 minute daily for reading books and every day you will read 30 or more minutes when you start reading. It will help you to grow more powerfully and also help you to read and gain knowledge. 

4. You can drop a book. Because in this world there are millions of books available for reading. If you are not interested in a book, then you can drop it

5. Read for fun not for forcing your memory and brain. That’s why you have to choose which book is more enjoyable to read. If you don’t get any fun, then the book is not for you. 

6. You can create a club with your friends who will help you with reading books. You can discuss with them various kinds of books and various kinds of writers. Also, you can get suggestions on whose book is important for you and who’s book is not important. 

Best Book You Should Read Right Now :

Book Name Description Author Genre Pages
The Great Gatsby A tragic love story set in the roaring twenties. F. Scott Fitzgerald Romance 180
To Kill a Mockingbird A powerful story tackling racial injustice in the Deep South. Harper Lee Drama 320
1984 A dystopian novel depicting a totalitarian regime. George Orwell Science Fiction 328
Pride and Prejudice A classic tale of love and societal norms in 19th-century England. Jane Austen Romance 432
Crime and Punishment An intense psychological exploration of a murderer’s guilt and redemption. Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime Fiction 545
The Lord of the Rings An epic fantasy trilogy that follows a perilous quest to destroy a powerful ring. J.R.R. Tolkien Fantasy 1178
To the Lighthouse A modernist novel exploring the complexities of human relationships. Virginia Woolf Literary Fiction 209
Moby-Dick An adventurous tale of a vengeful captain’s obsession with a white whale. Herman Melville Adventure 634
One Hundred Years of Solitude A multigenerational saga blending reality and magical realism. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Magical Realism 417
Brave New World A dystopian novel envisioning a future society controlled by technology. Aldous Huxley Science Fiction 311
The Catcher in the Rye A coming-of-age story exploring teenage angst and rebellion. J.D. Salinger Coming-of-age 277
Wuthering Heights A haunting tale of love and vengeance set on the Yorkshire moors. Emily Bronte Gothic Fiction 342
The Odyssey An ancient Greek epic poem following the hero Odysseus’ journey home. Homer Mythology 324
The Count of Monte Cristo A thrilling tale of revenge, betrayal, and redemption. Alexandre Dumas Adventure 1276
Anna Karenina A tragic love story set in the backdrop of 19th-century Russian society. Leo Tolstoy Romance 864
Don Quixote A humorous and satirical novel about a deluded knight and his adventures. Miguel de Cervantes Satire 863
Frankenstein A Gothic tale exploring the ethics of science and the consequences of creation. Mary Shelley Horror 280
The Hobbit An enchanting prelude to the epic journey of The Lord of the Rings. J.R.R. Tolkien Fantasy 366
War and Peace An expansive historical novel set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Leo Tolstoy Historical Fiction 1225
The Picture of Dorian Gray A dark and philosophical novel about the pursuit of pleasure and eternal youth. Oscar Wilde Gothic Fiction 254
The Brothers Karamazov A complex exploration of morality, faith, and family dynamics. Fyodor Dostoevsky Philosophical Fiction 796
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn An American classic depicting the adventures of a young boy and a runaway slave. Mark Twain Adventure 366
The Divine Comedy An epic poem depicting the journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. Dante Alighieri Classic Poetry 798
Les Misérables A sweeping tale of love, redemption, and social injustice in 19th-century France. Victor Hugo Historical Fiction 1232
The Kite Runner A gripping story of friendship, guilt, and redemption set in Afghanistan. Khaled Hosseini Contemporary Fiction 371
The Iliad An ancient Greek epic poem chronicling the Trojan War. Homer Mythology 683
Beloved A haunting tale of slavery’s legacy and the power of human resilience. Toni Morrison Literary Fiction 324
The Alchemist A mystical and allegorical story about the pursuit of one’s dreams. Paulo Coelho Philosophical Fiction 197
The Grapes of Wrath A compelling novel portraying the plight of Dust Bowl migrants in the Great Depression. John Steinbeck Historical Fiction 464
The Canterbury Tales A collection of stories told by pilgrims on their way to Canterbury. Geoffrey Chaucer Classic Literature 528
The Scarlet Letter A story of sin, guilt, and redemption set in Puritan New England. Nathaniel Hawthorne Historical Fiction 238
The Giver A thought-provoking dystopian novel exploring themes of conformity and individuality. Lois Lowry Science Fiction 225
The Handmaid’s Tale A chilling dystopian story depicting a society governed by oppressive rules. Margaret Atwood Science Fiction 311
The Sun Also Rises A novel capturing the disillusionment and hedonism of the Lost Generation. Ernest Hemingway Literary Fiction 251
The Color Purple A poignant story of resilience and female empowerment in the face of adversity. Alice Walker Literary Fiction 304
Heart of Darkness A haunting exploration of the darkness within human nature. Joseph Conrad Psychological Fiction 96
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes A collection of captivating detective stories featuring Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Mystery 307
Cloud Atlas A complex and interwoven narrative spanning multiple time periods. David Mitchell Science Fiction 528
Lord of the Flies A chilling tale exploring the descent into savagery when marooned on an island. William Golding Psychological Fiction 224
Ulysses A challenging and experimental novel capturing a day in the life of Leopold Bloom. James Joyce Literary Fiction 730
The Book Thief A poignant story of a young girl in Nazi Germany who finds solace in books. Markus Zusak Historical Fiction 552
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland A whimsical tale that takes readers into a world of imagination and nonsense. Lewis Carroll Children’s Literature 192
Middlemarch A sprawling novel exploring the lives of characters in a provincial English town. George Eliot Classic Literature 880

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