What Is SEO ? Overview, History and Process Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Let's Talk about SEO. What is SEO ?
  • SEO is Search Engine Optimization.
  • It you will help you to appearance, positioning and increase your content value into the digital world.
  • Over 22 years passed before the Search engine optimization idea appears into the Internet world.
  • SEO works with 3 major Tearm that are using to optimize a web page or content of a page.

Search Engine optimization Or SEO is a digital marketing strategy that allows a website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others. Search Engine optimization is going to help you to reach higher in search engines. There are so many SEO tools and rules that uses for higher and optimized content for search engines. In this article we will talk about the main reason why search engine optimization appears, the history of Search Engine optimization and the simple strategy of Search Engine optimization.

What is SEO ?

The full meaning of SEO is Search engine optimization. SEO is a process to improve a website and increase the visibility of search engines. It you will help you to appearance, positioning and increase your content value into the digital world.

There are two type of SEO. One of them is paid marketing and other is organic traffic. However, in this article we will talk about completely free organic traffic marketing strategy of SEO. In “organic traffic” means, you will get visitor or user using search engines like Google, Bing, Ask and others. Organic ranking will take your website in another level and people will find your website in search engines. Sometimes, Design ( Background Design, webpage design, image design) and Optimization will help use to generate more visitor.

How SEO Works ?

In example, whenever someone write a keyword that used in a content, then the keyword and this website URL will appears in search engine. If you write a article called “What is search engine strategy ?” then the search engine will find the keyword & Article and appears your website according your optimizations. Meta Tag helps you to optimize in content for SEO ranks.

search engine page

The steps of SEO Optimization :

SEO works with 3 major Tearm that are using to optimize a web page or content of a page. There major are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO. However there are so many optimization types are used to SEO world. Let’s see the SEO types :

Name Information
On-page SEOFor search engines, optimize website data and content into the website.
Off-page SEOOff page SEO will help you to building backlinks, acquiring citations, and participating in social media marketing.
Technical SEOFor “Technical Optimization” like robot.txt, ads.txt are used in this Technical SEO
Local SEOFor local search results and optimization are used in this “Local SEO” section
International SEOOptimizes your website to improve its ranking in search results in other countries.
Voice search SEOFor voice search SEO specialist use Voice search SEO

History of search engine optimization :

Over 22 years passed before the Search engine optimization idea appears into the Internet world. First search engine idea appears in 1900s. In this era, people are submitting their own URL into search engines. However, in 1994, some Stanford University students are created “Yahoo”. At this time, Yahoo was a Internet bookmark list and directory website.

In 1997, some Webmaster you start to work with search engines and how website will appear in this search engine. In 1998 goto.com appears into the internet Sponsored link and page search system. In 1999, the first “search marketing” conference and “search engine strategies” to place in the world.

1999sSearch marketing conference & Search Engine Strategies (SES)Using manually URL submitting in search engine is painful. That’s why in 1999 there are two different marketing is turgidity appears into the worldwide web.
2000sOrganic Search & Google ToolbarGoogle starts organic search engine. Google Toolbar was introduced on Internet Explorer.
2003sWeb Spam & AdSenseGoogle acquire blogge.com and launched AdSense for publisher.
2004sGeographic Intent ResultsGoogle and other search engine starts working with restaurant, plumber and other type of business service in provided city or town.
2005sTags Are Founded In 2005 there are no follow links are founded and spam links are reduced by search engines.
2006sGoogle analysis and Webmaster tool1. Google acquired video sharing website YouTube and founded three different search analysis tool like Google analysis, Google Webmaster and YouTube Studio.

2. Also, Google introduced us XML sitemap in 2006. Sitemap contains the list of URLs and the information of website.
2009sBingMicrosoft Live search become Bing
2011sSchema markup & Google Hummingbird updateGoogle Hummingbird update was designed for understanding the meaning of search queries and importance for websites to create high-quality content that was relevant to the searcher’s intent.
2015sMobile First Design and RankBrainIn 2015 mobile is more powerful and well known device into this world. Thats why mobile first design comes into the internet. RankBrain is a machine learning algorithm that helps Google rank websites.
2016sAMPGoogle introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for fast page view in 2016.
2019sMobile first indexingMobile-first indexing was enabled for all new websites in July 2019.
2020sBERT (natural language processing)BERT understands the meaning of search queries and user experience.
2022s – 2023sProduct Review, Link spam, and Core UpdateGoogle core update, SEO product ranking also updated in 2023.
History of SEO
Search Engines OF SEO

In 2022 to 2023 are the most important update arrived in search engines. The top search engine is Google and Bing. They are using the most comparability of search and Artificial Intelligence for better performance. Right now, Google and Bing they both are using Artificial Intelligence for better search result and better web page search Performance and visibility.

Bing Search Engine with ChatGPT :

In May 2023 Bing AI released on the Bing search engine. This artificial intelligence changed the whole search engine capabilities and performance. This artificial intelligence can generate more accurate information through the search queries. Bing source engine with collaborating the artificial intelligence company called Open AI.

New Bing Search Result Page

However, the artificial intelligence will change the search engine optimization rules and terms in near future. Right now, artificial intelligence can write a article without any human help. The quality of artificial intelligence writing is very informative and powerful. However, there are so many search engines right now available on the Internet that are using artificial intelligence.

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