What is API? History Of API, Uses of API and Learn everything about API

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Application Programming Interface in short form is API. API can set a rules of define how to software or application can connect with each other. API allows different developer to connect each other with their software system.

For example, if you want to build a weather app, you can use a API from a Weather Service to get the latest weather data. The API will define the endpoint of the URL and whatever you need to call will be sent as a dictionary or any other format or file. On the second hand, if you want to create a movie related website then you can get all the movie data like movie star, movie release date, movie name, movie poster and other things by using API data. You can use TMDB API data for movie related information.

History of API :

  1. One of the earliest examples of an API was the remote procedure call (RPC). In 1970. RPCS were developed and it allow different computer to communicate with each other. RPCs was major image to create API that allowed developers to distribute application data into multiple network or system.

2. However, in 1980 APIs began to used more widely in commercial applications. Open System Interconnection (OSI) model is one of the most important and major development for APIs. This model can set a standard rule for the communicational computers that how can two computer Will be communicate.

3. In 1990, the worldwide web appears into the world. We’ve made it possible for people to access information and application from anywhere into the world. However, API is getting stronger with worldwide web. There are few different things that API can use with World Wide Web and that is Hypertext Transfer Protocol or Http protocol. Http protocol Used for transfer data over the web.

4. In 2000, API became more it’s stronger. Cloud computer and other resource need to share into networks. That’s why API is widely used for sharing data into one application to another application.

5. In 2010, API is mostly recognized by top level companies. Everyone use API for transferring or receiving data. Every big company or big website can use API to share their website information into different applications. Example, there are so many authentication system can be done by onclick with two or other different applications. Like Google login system, Facebook login system, Microsoft login system etc.

How API Works

Where API are used :

  1. API are used for web development. User have to logging into website. But every time using personal data right by registration form is very painful. That’s why there are some API system called Google Logging API. Facebook logging API is most handly and useful for developers.
  2. For mobile development, API’s are also used to connect mobile as into back-end services such as database and cloud storage system.
  3. API are used for machine learning model and deploy machine learning model in production. Also API’s are used for creating big artificial Intelligence system.

Some benefits of using API :

  1. There are so many developers works in some different application or software’s. That’s why sometime we need data to a particular application. API will help us with that.
  2. API’s can use be To connect different type of system. That’s why flexibility is on of the most important thing in the API system.
  3. API’s can be scaled to handle increasing demand which is important for business and large amount of traffic. That’s why cloud computering and other cloud security system are using API’s to Connect Data.
  4. There are so many sensitive data available in a cloud system or a cloud network. However, if a person or a user want to access some specific data for security reason, they can use API system. API system can help us to get access in a specific data into a large amount of server network.

Disadvantage of using API :

  1. Security risk : We can access some specific data into large amount of data center using API. But there are some security risks available into the API system. Hackers can detect the API endpoint and get access to the real data.
  2. Complexity: API developing system is not very easy. For developing API requires experts and many other necessary things like software developer.
  3. Dependent of third party providers : API provides by third party software developer or applications. That’s why a website cannot contain original data.
  4. Performance : But the large amount of data center or large amount of data can be delay or make you wait sometime or the server load.
  5. Cost : Developing a API system is not free developers.

Final word : However, there are so many disadvantages available in API system, but in the real world, API system is very helpful. There are so many developers in the world are using API for their own applications.

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