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Background generator are mainly used for generating beautiful guardian or specific shape of background. Developers using background generator for their projects. However developer can create their own background using their coding knowledge but backgrounds generator made it super easy. Using coding for generating background needs so much time. However, we are always thinking how to save time when we works a emergency project. And then some developers introduced us background generator technology that we can generate beautiful background and shape within a minute.

In this article, we will review 5 background generator online web applications that are totally free and generate beautiful shape and background within a minute. We will see different kind of shapes, guardian background, lines and other different types of background. Now, let’s talk about top 5 online background generator with applications. Generating background is always helpful too Web master, social Media Manager and Search engine optimizations.

1. Bgjar SVG Background generator :

Bgjar is a free online SVG background generator for any kind of online or offline work. SVG is a high-level image format that will help you to generate high level image with low size. Bgjar is one of my favorite tools. It will help you to generate 28 types of SVG background coat that you can apply your design without download and upload desire images.

Simple Shiny Generate Simple background with some shape.Visit Simple Shiny
SprinkleGenerate Sprinkle with random color and shape.Visit Sprinkle
MeteorGenerate Meteor with random color, shape and up-down options!Visit Meteor
Animated ShapeGenerate Animated Shape with random color and shape.Visit Animated Shape
WaveGenerate Wave with random color and shape.Visit Wave
Stacked WaveGenerate Stacked Wave with random color and shape.Visit Stacked Wave
World MapCreate World Map SVGVisit World Map
Polygon LuminaryGenerate Polygon Luminary with random color and shape.Visit Polygon Luminary
Rect LightGenerate Rect Light with random color and shape.Visit Rect Light
Blob GroupGenerate Blob Group with random color and shape.Visit Blob
Colored ShapesGenerate Colored Shapes with random color and shape.Colored Shapes
Colored PatternsGenerate Colored Patterns with random color and shape.Colored Patterns
Shiny OverlayGenerate Shiny Overlay with random color and shape.Shiny Overlay
Curve LineGenerate Curve Line with random color and shape.Curve Line
Wave LineGenerate Wave Line with random color and shape.Wave Line
Icon GridGenerate Icon Grid with random color and shape.Icon Grid
Stock ChartGenerate Stock Chart with random color and shape.Stock Chart
Circuit BoardGenerate Circuit Board with random color and shape.Circuit Board
Circuit PrimaryGenerate Circuit Primary with random color and shape.Circuit Primary
Sound WaveGenerate Sound Wave with random color and shape.Sound Wave
HexagonGenerate Hexagon with random color and shape.Hexagon
VirusGenerate Virus with random color and shape.Virus | BGJar
Contour LineGenerate Contour Line with random color and shape.Contour Line | BGJar
SnowGenerate Snow with random color and shape.Snow | BGJar
CloudyGenerate Cloudy with random color and shape.Cloudy | BGJar
Abstract PaperGenerate Abstract Paper with random color and shape.Abstract Paper | BGJar
Mass CirclesGenerate Mass Circles with random color and shape.Mass Circles | BGJar
MoonGenerate Moon with random color and shape.Moon Like | BGJar
Bgjar Generator Tools

2. Mesh Gradients :

Mesh-Y is another gradient generator tool. This website can generate beautiful mesh gradient. This website has only one feature and it is generating mesh gradient with four different colors. You can generate with your own color system. You can generate gradient with given color palettes.

Features of mesh gradients :

  1. There are different presets with different color system and gradient.
  2. You can choose preset and customize with your own preference.
  3. You can change color with four different types.
  4. You can Generate random mesh gradient.
  5. You can export or download the mesh gradient up to 3000 pixel height and 3000 pixel wide. Also you can download with PNG format.
Mesh Gradients

3. Haikei Background Generator APP :

Haikei background generator is one of the top background generator in the Internet. You can generate any kind of background with so many canvas sitting and features. There are limitless setting in canvas section and you can generate almost 15 type of background with completely free. You can choose your own style, interpolation, direction, color, shape, background. Also you can choose your desire download option like SVG and PNG.

Haikei in canvas section :

  1. You can choose canvas size. There are so many dimension available. Also you can create your custom dimension.
  2. You can choose your own style or symbol.
  3. You can choose your own direction. There are four direction types available in the Direction section.
  4. You can choose position. There are five different positions available in the Position section.
  5. You can choose your own color. However, there are two different colors available.
  6. You can choose color direction.
  7. You can choose shape. In shape section you can choose balance, complexity, contrast, overlap and other things.
Haikei Background Generator

In download section you can download two type of image extension like is SVG and PNG. You can generate any random Background images.

4. Superdesigner Background Generator :

Super Designer is another tool for generate background images. This website provides so many useful tools, properties and types to generate a quality full background within a minute. However, the officers in this website is low compared to other websites.

Super designer background creator :

  1. You can create almost five types of background like split, side wave, wave, peaks and Mashy.
  2. you can choose nine different canvas size.
  3. You can choose background type and background color.
  4. You can choose your own background color like split color or typing color.
  5. You can choose your own shape like round or rectangle.
  6. Also you can change the angle, X position and Y position to the backgrounds.

However, these websites offer three different export image extension and is SVG copying style. This website also allow user to scale the background canvas up to 5x. In our opinion, you can generate any kind of background within a minute with this website. That’s why this website is valuable for us.

5. Coolbackgrounds Background Generator

Cool Background is another type of background generator online website. However, this website doesn’t give you so many freedom to customize your background. So it allows user to five type of backgrounds and four type of color preset. You cannot change the color with your own preferences. You can download the background with one click, but you cannot change the size of the background or any other background optimization.

Coolbackgrounds Background Generator

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