Makebelieve - A psychology AI chat bot will help your confidence

Makebelieve - A psychology AI chat bot will help your confidence.

Makebelieve Is another chat bot that launched today. You can chat this artificial intelligence and make your mind more refreshable. This chat bot is created by python programming language and a framework called TensorFlow and Keras. We are testing these artificial intelligence and chatting with different kind of questions and topics. However we are also testing this bot using different kind of psychological things and topics. By using this artificial intelligence we are pretty disappointed because these artificial intelligence can’t give us the right answer and don’t finish the text that they generate. However we hope it will update soon and make the artificial intelligence software will more powerful and reliable. 


Uses of Makebelieve :

Step 1 :  Register Just using your mail.

Step 2 : Verify your mail using verification link.

Step 3 : Go to Dashboard and you will find 300 credit for free. And daily 30 credit for free.

Step 4 : You can start chatting by selecting a psychological character called Ani and Dan.

Step 5 : Also, you can select your previous set and continue communicating with artificial intelligence.

Problems that we found in Makebelieve  :

  1. These artificial intelligence didn’t finish the answer.
  2. This AI give us the wrong answer.
  3. We are disappointed by using this AI, because we told these chat bit to create 50 psychological facts. But this artificial intelligence created just ten facts and consume our points.
Name Information
Launch 09-25-2023
Features Chat Bot, psychology chat
Quality Advance
Price 3 to 10 Dollar

Video Guide of makebelieve :

Review Overview
Chat 4 out of 5
Communication 3 out of 5
Pricing 4 out of 5
Remembering Previous Action 4 out of 5
Answering The Question 3 out of 5
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