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In order to start penetration testing, a website is really helpful for ethical hackers. Imagine, you can get everything in a website just entering a domain name. You can get server location, SSL information.  who is look up, DNS records, host name, cookies, server information, Crawl Rules, DNSSEC, Server Status, Open Ports, TXT Records, HSTS Check, Carbon Footprint. 

In order to Penetration testing sometimes you have to choose many more tools for gathering information in a web server. Get the information you have to use any Kali Linux or any other tools that allows you to generate unlimited information of a website. However, this is a tool called Web Check that allows you to generate all the possible information that include in server location and other useful information’s in a website just for entering the link of this website. 

Creation date2022-03-14
Expiration date2023-03-14
IP address104.27.168.201
Whois privacyDisabled
ContentWebsite scanner and carbon footprint calculator
Hosting providerCloudFlare
Information About Website

This website allows a user to find : 

1. IP Address

2. SSL

3. DNS Records

4. Cookies

5. Crawl Rules

6. Headers

7. Quality Report

8. Server Location

9. Associated Domains and Hostnames

10. Redirect Chain

11. TXT Records

12. Server Status

13. Open Ports

14. Traceroute

15. Carbon Footprint

16. Server Info

17. Whois Lookup

18. Domain Info

19. DNS Security Extensions

20. Features

21. HTTP Strict Transport Security

In server section : 

1. You will get server location. Server Location is very important, and you can get the city, country, time zone, language and currency in this section. 

2. You will get domain server information. In this section you will able to see Organization, ASN code, ports, IP and location information. 

3. You will see server status.  In this section you will able to see server is online or offline. You can also see the server status code and server response time. In server status code you can see the status number like 301, 501 or something like that. And in the response time you can see the response millisecond like 30 millisecond, 40 millisecond or something like that.  

SSL information: 

In SSL Information section you can see Subject Issuer, ASN1 curve, NIST Curve, Expires, Renewed , Serial Number, Fingerprint. You can see other details like “TLS Web Server Authentication” Yes or Not. 

Headers section : 

In header section you will able to see date expires, Cache-Control, Control-Type, Content Security Policy Report only, P3P, Content-Encoding, Server, X XSS Protection, X Frame options, Set Cookie Alt-svc, connection, transfer-encoding. 

In Whois Section 

You can see Registered Domain company name, Creation Date, Updated Date, Registry Expiry Date, Registry Domain ID, Registrar WHOIS Server, Registrar, Registrar IANA ID. 

Web Host Check

Site Features Sections: 


  • business-email-hosting
  • dmarc


  • root-authority


  • ad-network
  • retargeting-/-remarketing
  • contextual-advertising
  • ad-analytics
  • ad-exchange
  • demand-side-platform
  • audience-targeting
  • data-management-platform
  • multi-channel
  • digital-video-ads
  • dynamic-creative-optimization
  • ad-server
  • fraud-prevention
  • search
  • affiliate-programs
  • ads-txt 


  • schema
  • wordpress-theme 


  • site-search
  • fonts
  • bookmarking
  • social-sharing
  • wordpress-plugins
  • captcha
  • feedback-forms-and-surveys
  • mobile
  • image-provider
  • tag-management
  • login 


  • javascript-library
  • jquery-plugin
  • ui
  • compatibilityd)
  • animationd)
  • slider
  • framework


  • visitor-count-tracking
  • application-performance
  • audience-measurement
  • conversion-optimization
  • conversion-tracking
  • advertiser-tracking
  • mobile
  • a/b-testing
  • personalization
  • site-optimization
  • marketing-automation
  • feedback-forms-and-surveys
  • data-management-platform


  • online-video-platform
  • video-players
  • digital-video-ads
  • live-stream-/-webcast
  • social-video-platform 


  • us-hosting
  • cloud-hosting
  • cloud-paas
  • dedicated-hosting 


  • open-source
  • blog 


  • payment-acceptance
  • currency
  • checkout-buttons

Data Will Change According to the website that you entered.

In DNS Records 

In DNS Records you will able to see A, Mx, CNAME, NS and others details record. 

In Hostname Section you will see al the hostname, domains, sub domains and other important information information’s. 

In the cookies section you will see all saved cookies that are included in this domain name. You can also see a cookies, expires path, domain and secure information. You can also see. You can see the cookies are using like Http only or others and you can also see the maximum number of information. 

In the redirect section you can see the domain redirection. You are a leader direction and other most valuable redirect information. 

In the Crawl Rules section you can see user-agent, disallow and allow path information’s. In the WordPress website you can also see the admin panel and the redirection of admin panels. 

In The Carbon Footprint section you will able to  see HTML Initial Size, CO2 for Initial Load, Energy Usage for Load, CO2 Emitted, Better than average site by in % and more. 

However, you can also check the open post for the website using this tool. You can all possible of open ports like 80, 8080, 443 and like this. also you can see the unable port connection. 

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Web Information 5 out of 5
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Value of information 5 out of 5
Accuracy 4.8 out of 5
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